When it comes to the music industry right now, if you’re talented and know what to do, you can make a lot of money as a musician. Unfortunately A lot of talent is wasted and many great careers end early due to some artist’s inability to capture their required audience. While today, its more realistic than it has ever been to develop and sustain a profitable and successful music career; The key is to understand the changes that the industry has gone through, and learn how to take advantage of the new opportunities at hand.

This course outlines the most effective marketing and promotion strategies available to musicians and opportunities that the digital age has brought to music marketing today.

-About the Course

-Introduction to music marketing and promotion

-What is music marketing?

-The niche game (Building an audience)

-Taking advantage of the online market

-Taking advantage of the offline market

-Marketing for a professional career vs marketing for a non professional career

-Define your style and use your fan influence

-Focus, Observe, and Specialize


I've crafted this Hip Hop marketing and promotion course to be effective and relevant to the recent and ongoing changes in the music industry. I am inspired by the desire to help young performing artists reach wider audience with their music.